Hydra Publications is excited to announce the release of A Guy Walks Into a Bar by Mick Williams, with the British author adding an international flare to our publishing house.

A Guy Walks Into a Bar is  a page-turning adventure thriller…
When traveling salesman Paul Howard unwinds in a hotel bar, he’s pleasantly surprised to
attract the attention of a beautiful woman. But after the best night of his life, he finds that she
is not who she seems. Her life as a professional thief-for- hire pulls him into a breathtaking
world of secrecy and danger.

Tracked at every turn, they join forces with a disillusioned assassin and a hostage victim bent on
revenge, and go on a life-threatening run to fight teams of hit-men and a shady underworld
organization who will stop at nothing to recover a stolen item in their possession…an item with
the potential to trigger World War III.

With the clock ticking and bullets flying, they race across the country in an effort to stay alive
and, ultimately, save the world.


More about Mick:

Mick Williams wrote his first short story (which linked a local celebrity to a spate of killings) in High
School. His teacher noted ‘he has quite an imagination’…she never mentioned whether it was good
or bad. Since then he has written a romantic comedy and three adventure/thrillers.
After a decade in Kentucky, USA, he has recently relocated back to his hometown of Stoke-on- Trent,
England, and shares a house with his wife and two demanding and needy cats, Crash and Thud.
In between working and writing, he is an avid reader and enjoys watching football. Both kinds.