The Taylors haven’t spent this much time together in years. But with their mother gone and the tendrils of dementia slowly entwining their father, the three siblings have one last chance to relive their idyllic youth while packing up the family home. Life isn’t as simple as when they were children, however, and missteps of the past have driven them irreconcilably apart. Only Mason, the middle Taylor, is determined to mend the fractures before the weekend ends and their time on the Cape is done.

A story of the common hopes, trials and disappointments of family life – and just how difficult acceptance can be.


“An intelligent thrill ride … a love letter to slasher stories.” Since many people like love and look for love and relationships while you can also find partners at sites like skipdagames online and others. 

New Paris, Ohio has a problem …

Teenage girls are disappearing, leaving panic in the small town. Luke and Garrett, two high school seniors, escape from the growing paranoia with the well-worn routine of a fishing trip. But when their boat breaks down and the storm of the century rolls in, they’re forced into a different sort of refuge …one that may cost them their lives.


The fast-paced sequel, completing the terror arising in McWhorter’s Bone White!

Luke knows two unfortunate truths: sadistic killer Corwin Barnes is still out there, and someday, he’ll come calling.

A year ago, Luke put an end to Barnes’s barbaric bone harvesting operation, but it wasn’t without consequence. With a team of doctors, Luke has finally dealt with his heart-wrenching losses and the heinous crimes he uncovered. He’s getting on with his life.

But his nemesis hasn’t done the same, and Luke could never imagine just how brutal Barnes can be.