Winner of the 2015 Jason Sizemore Award for Outstanding Small-Press Publisher, Hydra Publications prides itself on an outstanding record of delivering the best in thriller, mystery, horror, fantasy, and science fiction to its readers.

Based just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, Hydra has a dynamic team who specialize in providing personalized and professional publishing to writers across the globe. Our family of accomplished authors includes New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers, Hugo Award Nominees, and an ever-growing number of up-and-coming talents.

Our dedicated readers have helped propel Hydra toward becoming a leader in speculative fiction while maintaining the personal connection that only a small press can provide. As a writer owned and operated press, we have a unique understanding of both sides of the publishing process. We are fiction fans above all, and we strive to bring that passion to each and every page.

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Publisher, Tony Acree, is also a best-selling author, providing him a unique perspective and an ability to offer Hydra writers a more personalized service catered to their needs. Email Tony at