Hugo-nominated author Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr., is the founder of SIGMA, the Science Fiction Think Tank, which works with the US government and non-profit organizations to provide the unique futurism of science fiction writers for those who need it most. See the SIGMA website at SigmaForum(dot)org for more details, and for a membership list of the outstanding authors who participate.

Arlan began his technical career working as a missile tracking telescope operator at White Sands Missile Range, where he also honed a lifelong interest in unusual phenomena by exploring the enchantment and mysteries of New Mexico while attending college. He worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories on the antiballistic missile program, spent time in China, was appointed as a Fellow in the White House Science Office, and co-founded both a Virtual Reality software company and a biotech equipment company.

All of these groundbreaking activities originated in his fascination with the future and the unknown. He expresses that wonderment by writing both fact and fiction, science and speculation.

During his career as engineer, entrepreneur and author, Arlan has published nearly 500 stories, articles, columns and other features in 100 venues worldwide, primarily in science fiction, the paranormal, futurism and the fringe areas of science and folklore. These have appeared in anthologies and in such publications as ANALOG, ASIMOV’S, SCIENCE FICTION AGE, SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW, PULPHOUSE, FATE, STRANGE, ATLANTIS RISING, NEW SCIENTIST, PURSUIT, ALT HISTORY.COM, IDEOMANCER, MENSA BULLETIN, INTEGRA, and a former column in UFO MAGAZINE. His ANALOG novella, “Flow”, was on the Hugo Award ballot in 2015, winning the Jovian Award for Best Novella that year. Many of Arlan’s stories and articles — plus new stories and several new novels — are now available in e-versions and paperback.

In addition to appearances at conventions and conferences, Arlan appeared on the History Channel cable presentation of “Ancient Aliens: Ancient Constructions”, in September 2011.

Recent publications available on include SILICON BLOOD (novel) and FUTURE FLASH (a short story collection), both in e-books and paperback versions.





Dr. Arlan Andrews Sr. has published dozens of science fiction stories over the years, often in hard-to-find venues such as out-of-print magazines and obscure publications. For the first time ever, seventeen of those shorter pieces (known as ‘Flash Fiction’) are collected here in one volume.

Thirteen of these stories are semi-serious, with four previous published poems completing the mix. A must read collection for Arlan’s collectors and fans.



In the near future, the drug cartels of South America establish their own criminal nation, Cordillera, and proceed to flood the world with cocaine and political corruption.

America responds by using the new science of nanotechnology to produce microscopic machines – “nanobots” – to eradicate such drugs once and for all.  But these tiny devices can also be used to create new kinds of drugs inside a human body – a “pharm” — or to devour it from within.

After a catastrophic nano-plague, a new and powerful drug lord, El Hombre – “The Guy” – uses nanobots to set up a worldwide drug ring, harvesting new drugs from human bodies and enforcing obedience with threats of devourment.

Jerry Gade, a nano-engineer with a horrific secret, fights back.

The struggle between Gade and The Guy takes place in both the human domain and in the invisible world of their own nano-creations.

The outcome of their battle will determine the future of the human race.



There is a longing that Truth cannot tell, 
 a yearning that Fact cannot satisfy, 
 a thirst that only Myth may sate.
 There, is a Valley.
 — El Viejo

With this mysterious e-mailed message, a New Age researcher is led toward a mysterious Valley in New Mexico, along the way finding an enigmatic slab of stone carved with mysterious Native American rock art, and encountering a strange shamanic guide, El Viejo (the “Old Man”).
As he journeys through The Valley carrying the carved stone slab back to its ancient location, he fights for his life against men who want the stone for themselves. Along the way, his path enlightened by El Viejo at times of crisis, he learns the true meaning of the heavy treasure he carries, discovering the nature of his own existence, and hints of lost civilizations, alternate realities, and the hidden history of Mankind.