Dave Creek is a regular contributor to ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION AND FACT. His books include two short story collections — A GLIMPSE OF SPLENDOR, and THE HUMAN EQUATIONS — and a novel, SOME DISTANT SHORE. His most recent work is THE SILENT SENTINELS, a novella.

Find out more about Dave’s work at and on Facebook at Fans of Dave Creek. In the “real world,” Dave is a retired television news producer. Dave lives in Louisville with his wife Dana, son Andy, a floppy-eared Corgi named Peggy, and two sleepy cats — Hedwig and Hemingway.

The Human Equation eCover High Res


In Human Equations you will go on a voyage of discovery. From the untold story of how the great Chinese explorer Zheng He made Earth’s First Contact with aliens, to how a rescue mission on the aquatic planet Welkin forces one man to come to terms with a tragedy from his past, to why a resident of an orbital habitat must decide between his people’s traditions and his habitat’s survival, to the attempt to save a gigantic sea creature’s baby — from the inside! And more!

Some Distant Shore Ebook Cover


Two star systems are colliding…

…And Mike Christopher of the Earth starship Asaph Hall is rushing to unlock their secrets.
But two alien races on the journey are keeping their own potentially deadly secrets.
It doesn’t help that the love of Mike’s life can’t handle the emotional stress of being near him, and that he has to give the Earth ambassador on-the-job training!

Trajectories Ebook Cover


Today’s most talented current SF authors take us on new TRAJECTORIES!  Marianne J. Dyson brings us a suspenseful tale from the surface of Mars. Bud Sparhawk shows us blue-collar workers finding danger while just trying to make a living. John F. Allen explains how a TV production assistant can go from fighting racial prejudice in the 1950s to defending against an alien invasion in the far future. Brad R. Torgersen introduces us to “The Ghost Conductor Of The Interstellar Express.”  And many more!