Pat Paxton has written, in various forms, for most of his life, but Camelot’s Misplaced Son is his first novel. His most-read work is a vast catalog of combative letters exchanged with personal injury lawyers over the course of his career in the insurance industry. He’s a happily married father of two grown children and currently lives in southern Indiana after spending most of his life in the Charleston, West Virginia area. To enhance his stories, Pat’s learned to draw upon his experiences in overcoming such hardships as being mildly pigeon-toed and having a freckle on his ear lobe that’s often mistaken for a piercing. He hopes to serve as an inspiration to the similarly-afflicted.


Phil Murphy’s just an ordinary guy. A single dad living a boring life when a host of strange things start to happen. Weird things. Wild things.

As a long-buried mystery begins to unravel, Phil discovers a hidden truth that changes everything he knew about his parents’ identity, our country’s history, and himself. He delves deeper, and the phenomenon takes him all the way to the JFK White House and a fateful plane crash on July 16th, 1999.