I have been a lifelong writer and reader. My first book was completed when my children were just a dream, and my books take a flavor of my life at different times. I write what I like to read, and I write for my own entertainment. I just hope that others enjoy the experience as much as I do!


Vengeance is an addiction, a need, a necessity.

Vengeance is all Samantha is living for.

They took her dignity; they caused her pain.

They will pay.

Samantha has come a long way from being the daughter of Satan’s right hand man. She’s been burned down to her soul, and she’s back to find the one who ordered her torture. Together with her best friend, an order of militant nuns, and a tech wizard, she’s out to take down the leader of the movement. In the battle between good and evil, faith and vengeance are all that are left.

This thriller is a continuation of the Victor McCain series, telling Samantha’s story between the events of The Speaker and Revenge



Clare is a determined woman ready to launch into her new life. She just needs a little money to do it. When she goes to a historical home under renovation to help with the massive cleaning job, she is anxious to do her task and do it well. However, the house, Talitha, has other plans.

Pit against spirits she can’t see and caught between her best friend and the foreboding owner of the house, she must use her own gifts to journey from death to life.

Dearly Departed High Res eBook


Dorothy, or Dot to her friends, is the slightly eccentric daughter of the town’s funeral director. Her art is the only medium that she can express herself with, but it sets her apart. Until she meets him. He walks the cemetery looking for something. Something he cannot explain. In him she finds an acceptance she has never had. Yet to keep him, she has to help him find what he has lost. Whether it brings him home to her, or ends his existence completely.

Dearly Remembered eBook High Res


When Tori’s parents are tragically killed in a car accident and she is forced to move to a small Kentucky town, she feels that her life is over.
But in her new home, she discovers a series of secrets that may reveal an unknown world. After meeting a young man with extraordinary talents, she finds herself embroiled in several mysteries, including the disappearance of a child, stolen treasure, and a hint of something supernatural. When her home and family are threatened, she realizes solving them could be the only way to save lives, including her own.

DearlyBeloved Ebook Cover4


She walks in her dreams.
Savannah finds herself at the site where her brother lost his life, but she knows it cannot be real. Neither is the man that stops to help her on the roadside. Until she meets the man in the light of day and realizes that he is no fictional character conjured from her imagination.
Dreams are not always what they seem.
This realization leads her to revisit the place of her brothers’ accident; where one twin was left dead and the other a changed man. After a confrontation with the latter, she realizes that there is more to the mystery of her dreams than she ever imagined.
As the two chase down an ancient religious artifact and the rumors surrounding it, one figure in the night wishes to stop and silence them forever.

Silent as a grave.

The parrot Told me Revised II


Who would believe the words of a bird brain, anyway? When Camille inherits Simon, an African grey parrot from her deceased neighbor, she sees the challenge of owning such a noisy, spoiled pet. But when the music plays, and Simon starts to replay a violent scene in the voice of his former owner, Camille begins to realize that she has inherited more than she bargained for. Could a bird really recall the last moments of his owner’s life? And stranger yet, could he really be repeating a death scene that he witnessed? Camille’s best friend, Leo, has his doubts, and after the disappearance of Camille’s sister, he wonders if her tragic past is coming back to haunt her and she is finally breaking down. But she has no one else to go to, no one besides the questionable other neighbor who might well have been involved with the murder victim. It’s a question of a bird’s word against the truth and a race to find out what it all means.

Cockatoo Ebook Cover


Ainsley doesn’t have much experience with pets, especially with fluffy feathered ones who want to sleep in her bed and eat her breakfast. When she finds a cockatoo in her yard, she is unaware of the adventures that will result from his accidental landing. After locating his owner, she is introduced to an entire cast of fascinating characters. But there is someone after the bird. From a search for a lost piece of valuable artwork, to a trip with a pirate, Ainsley’s life has taken a turn toward danger. Gabe, the cockatoo’s owner, has his hands full trying to keep them safe from whoever is after his inheritance. Can anyone blame Ainsley for losing her head, and her heart, to the adorable pair?



What does an uptight scientist, a freewheeling veterinarian, a pirate wanna be, and a massive parrot have in common?

When Hemingway, the Green Wing Macaw that is her father’s best friend and constant companion, shows up on her doorstep, Genevieve wants nothing more than to return him. He’s messy, loud, and an irritating reminder of her wayward parent. However, her father has disappeared without a word, and she has no idea how to find him.

Reluctantly, she sets out on a road trip with a family friend, a silky voiced veterinarian with a bad case of disorganization, to Florida to hunt down the parrot’s owner and return him. Faced with constant roadblocks and some real hints of danger, they attempt to track down her father.

Will they be in time to help save a vital piece of Florida’s legacy and her father?

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“Someone is watching. The thought came unbidden into her mind, but once planted, refused to be budged. It was suddenly not just a suspicion, but a fact. Someone is watching me. And dead men don’t tell.”

Hope’s life changed forever when she lost her father to a prolonged illness. Her move to Florida, to the little town of Fort Myers Beach, seemed like the perfect way to start over. Hope loves the warmth, the beach and fantastic sunsets, and her new avian friend, Blossom, a young cockatiel who has also been rehomed.

But the charming Inn where she begins her new job is harboring its own secrets. By moving in and taking over the position of housekeeper, Hope begins to realize that someone doesn’t want her there.
Hope wants to remain aloof, to embrace her independence, but the family that owns the Inn persists in drawing her into their circle, all except the prickly Lincoln who has his own suspicions about her.

Hope knows that she can’t continue on her own, and is aware that she needs help to face up to whoever is terrorizing the Inn and the family. But history seems to be repeating itself, and the threats are becoming more and more terrifying. Hope must either run, or turn and fight for her new life.