Josef Matulich is an author, make-up artist, and retired mime who lives in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. His previous occupations have given him a care-free familiarity with cows, explosives, mass spectrometers, and helium balloons which find their way into his fiction. When not involved in his corporate day-job, or creating funny/scary stuff, he assists his wife Kit in their semi-haunted vintage and costume shop.

He has never launched a squirrel in his life


Chris Day had a perfect life… when he was twelve years old. Twenty years later, he is divorced, unemployed, and desperate to get through to his twelve-year daughter, Liv. He hopes his grandmother’s dairy farm in Crickson, California will be a good place to start a new life. Chris spent his boyhood summers in mischief and squirrel-launching there with his two best friends, Olivia and Rafael.

Today, the dairy farmers grow marijuana to make ends meet, and the local radio station broadcasts the movements of the DEA to help them stay one step ahead. His grandmother’s obsession with squirrels has turned to a crusade of extermination. Olivia and Rafael are still in town, but nothing like the kids he dreamed of coming back to. Liv is sneaking out of the house late at night and Grandma has a collection of squirrel torture porn and homemade explosives. Pets and livestock are disappearing at an increasing rate.

You really can’t go home again, especially when it’s being eaten by GMO killer squirrels.