At Hydra Publications we’ve worked hard to find great new voices in fantasy, and we are thrilled to announce Blade of the Covenant by Dylan Hague, the first book in the Seventh Whisper book series.

The desolation of dragonfire has returned to the empire of Eridan.

Ravaged by a jealous and loathsome emperor and stalked by monsters lurking in every corner, the people of Eridan are desperate and without hope. The gods work to restore peace, but the hearts of mortals are not so easily salvaged.

From across the empire, a band of unlikely companions arise. Be it a sick mother, an oath to a king or a love for a people, each of them has a world to defend. They will meet the oppression of the wyrm with blade, spell, and divine wrath.

None can say if it will be enough.

You can order the print version today. The ebook version will be out February 19th.