The Rex Draconis RPG!

 Set in the world of Tiberos, the Rex Draconis RPG setting allows you to experience the epic fantasy of Richard A Knaak’s new world, dubbed by many as ‘the spiritual successor to Dragonlance’.

 Against the backdrop of war, play as honorable Minotour, chivalrous knights, mischievous Kwillum or powerful wizards, as you thwart the warmongering of the savage Wheyr, and the machinations of the mysterious Fafni and Afafni, and delve into the other threats and secrets surrounding this epic world.

 The Rex Draconis RPG will be written for the D&D 5th edition and Pathfinder rules sets, and feature setting material that can be easily imported into any RPG system of your choice.  

 Best of all, you can be a part of the development with play testing opportunities, taking part in competitions, and providing valuable feedback on the exclusively free and early access to RPG content.

 Free RPG content currently available to all Newsletter subscribers (for D&D 5e and Pathfinder) include:

– Kwillum player race

– Tiberos Minotaur player race

– Wheyr Soldier monster stat block

– Much more to come

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