Hydra Publications is excited to announce the addition of The Rothston Series by Terri-Lynne Smiles, a scifi-thriller series which will keep turning pages until the last one is finished. 

Here is more about book one, the Forseen.

 The Rothston Institute can secretly manipulate the decisions of anyone in the world – from ordinary friends to government leaders. Possessing special mental skills used to accomplish its goals, college student Kinzie Nicolosi is training to protect humankind from self-destruction. A student missing an exam? A construction worker fired for an industrial accident? A Congressman ruined in scandal? Necessary consequences of honing her skills for the greater good. 

But Kinzie brings more than her remarkable talent to Rothston. She bears an unexpected power that rivals Rothston’s own … and the clash may be something none of them can control.

The Kirkus Review calls Foreseen a “nuanced page turner” and “a worthy sci-fi thriller.” 

An “adventurous twist of genre, much recommended,” says the Midwest Book Review.