Why listen to an audiobook?
By Monique Howard

Audiobooks are great for someone on the go. A long, traffic-filled commute to work becomes an idealistic journey on glistening seas abroad an ancient vessel. Share a favorite story with friends on a road trip or while driving the kids to school!

Audio books are an engaging, fun-filled alternative to listening to the same, old radio tunes. Compelling narrative enthralls the senses, stirring the imagination as stories come to life. Catch up on thrilling adventures or dark mysteries during daily activities. All can be enjoyed with the convenience of an mp3 player, tablet, computer or smartphone.

A key feature that makes audio books a hot commodity is the star power narrating timeless tales and books fresh on the market. Actors lending their talented vocals elevates the richness of storytelling. Audio books provide audiences with a unique storytelling experience that stands apart from print and digital formats. Vocals add a distinctive essence to a story`s unfolding drama. Audio books feed the imagination by invoking unique, personalized imagery through dynamic vocal narrative. The narrator adds a distinction to appealing characters with creative nuances that enhance listeners` storytelling experience.

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